Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Black Mamba Tour... First Entry BlogPost Posting

first off, i hate the word blog, so that will be the last time that i use it. i am doing this for the sole purpose of posting my photography with my initial goal of posting new work and ideas for my friends to see. hopefully they, as well as i, will see progress in my work. only new work will be posted from here on out. with this medium, i will force myself to concentrate on putting new work out. for my first blog, i mean posting, i have uploaded my most recent rolls back from the film world. theses following pictures are from my recent tour with Black Mamba up the west coast. In a weeks time we drove and played shows in san diego to seattle and back. i should have taken more rolls of film. i should have done a lot of things and hopefully now that i have this forum to put my pictures up, i will be inspired to do just that. thanks for reading and looking.

to all my friends....


...I tried to put these videos included in the post but for some reason they got messed up and doubled up and I can't erase them. Live with it and stop complaing... Just watch them. They are all from our show in Seattle at Neumo's supporting The Album Leaf. Yeah, it rocked pretty good. I wish we could have packed all of our friends to come along but it was pretty packed inside a mini van with six people and all our equipment. Good thing I left my butterfly knives at home or I would have had to shank a band member.