Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dirty Collection #1

Dirty, not in the sense as in unclean, wet and hot sodomy, rotten carcass smell or any other connection to the word dirty, but as a collection of old photos that are dusty, been stuck in a box for years without human touch or contact. I have boxes of these full of some of the worst photos I have ever taken, that make myself question...myself... if I SHOULD EVER PICK UP A CAMERA AGAIN. Then after thumbing through envelope after envelope i come across random shots from random nights that bring tears to my eyes. Not because they are the most amazing photos but because of the memories that are attached. These shots are my memories forgotten, trapped in some brain flap that somehow got table top resin poured over them locking that memory away. There are these bunches of the most amazing shots of friends, landscapes, walls, holes, beards, drinks, laughs...etc... I am going to start to pull of that resin, scrape away that superr 77, rip away that painters tape and unleash these photos to explode these memories that forever made me who I am. I hope you will get the same feeling I do when I look at them although these are my memories and my memories are mine but I don't mind sharing snapshot of them with any of you.

By the way, Its August 5th already. Yeah 2010. Fuckin L!