Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

...:::Kurt Vile--Soft Pack--Casbah:::...

>>>Long winded description of a night at the Casbah on a November night embedded here<<<

Sunday, December 5, 2010

..::Favorite band shots from 2010::..

Ok. I have what must be a few million photographs of bands, trees, cats, etc... I am going to start to sort through the madness and pull out my favorites. I'll post them here for me to see and if you want, for you to see. they are going to be posted on multiple different days and are in no particular order. Depending what mood I am in and how much time I have will effect what is posted and when. For instance, I just shot the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin and still need to finish sorted out the best shots and figuring in my laziness against my ability to procrastinate, it could be late December of next year before y'all see those. Hopefully that is just bullshit. Its a major problem for a photographer to shoot all the time and not sort and edit. I have way to many photos, way to many one's that I think are great. I even have about 30 rolls of film that I need to develop so just imagine how many digital pics I have. AHhhhhhh! I get anxiety just thinking about it. Anyway. Here is round one. Basically shots from this last year here in San Diego. Vivian Girls, Heavy Hawaii, Crocodiles, Strange Boys, Grass Widow, Woven Bones, Pearl Harbor, les savy fav..Etc. U can go ahead and guess which band is who.