Thursday, April 2, 2009

Magic Plastic

As you know, I like cameras. If I had it my way, I would carry a bag full of all my cameras, loaded with film and ready to shoot. Each of my cameras has its own feel. Each was purchased from at different moments in my life over the past five or so years. I have used each and every one. That doesn't mean that I have developed film from every one. I have drawers full of undeveloped film. Its just one of those things that photographers do. We love the whole process of loading our cameras, finding those perfect opportunities for pictures and reloading with a fresh roll. Certain moments that could only be caught with that piece of plastic in your hand. Moments where a digital camera just would not suffice. That process makes me feel good. It's just so time consuming to physically take that exposed roll down to the camera store and actually have some one develop it. To me it actually means more to keep those moments in time trapped in their container in a drawer away from the light of day. Film always leaves that mystery. Did it turn out? Did I fuck up another roll? Is this roll even mine? I come across rolls hidden in my house at least once a week and usually its a disappointment when I actually do get them developed. Usually wasted rolls on drunk people.
The whole point of this post is to remind myself that I have cool cameras. They may not be expensive or longed for by professionals but they are what photography is to me. My digital is always around but I want that feeling of shooting film to come back. Basically I hope that this inspires me to pull them out and start shooting real photos again. Bring back the mystery. Bring back that disappointment. I know that these cameras are almost all plastic crap but I wouldn't live without em. My newest will be the first pic. Its the new Holga 120 Panoramic Pinhole. I have shot six rolls already and no I haven't developed them yet. I am waiting for that right moment...

P.S. I included my Super 8mm movie cameras because I am trying to use those again as well.

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