Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just take some pictures god damnit!

I am trying soo hard to get back into my creative state of mind. Its who i am and the place that I feel most comfortable. Its who I want to be and at all times, I am that person. I will become this full-time, create as much as possible. I no longer want to pass any spare time that I can be creating something. Beautiful Losers. Make art, make chaos, we live in it and its what keeps us inside our own minds, that comfortable place that no one else knows nor would understand. I like it there. To breathe inside my brain, stretch and conjure up dimensions that only I can understand. No one else is supposed to understand and I don't need nor want them too. I am complicated and I need to embrace that, embrace the fact the I am different and that I love knowing that my brain functions like no one else's. Let's break things, put them back into places where they don't belong. Take our anxiety and put it to use. Be constructive when your life is falling apart. Please just grab a hold of that person and never let him go... Tyson, get your head out of your ass.....

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