Friday, February 4, 2011

...:::CROCODILES NYE 2011:::...

Its a little late but as Hemingway used to say," Late is better than sitting on your friends coffin." These were shot at the Soda Bar in San Diego New Years Eve 2010. A few pics are from the "Pre-Party" at my house. Wouldn't call it a party but there were some drinks involved. First stop was at the Treehouse where we caught a set by "Chairs Missing." Always a treat. Such sounds coming from a space age collective of musicians. I wish I could see them every night. Personally one of my favorite bands here in San Diego and not because I think Paul is hot and sexy. Its just the dirty beard and his raunchy yet perfect pitch voice, Ryan's perfectly picked guitar and Julia's amazing contraption made of wood and minuscule strings caressed by horse hair. Little fingers make bug noise. Then it was off to shoulder fuck the crowd at the Soda Bar. A shitty place to be but a good venue for bands. I guess....The first few pictures are of The Growlers from a show a few nights before when Little Deadman opened. SOld out and everything. These are the pics that I thought were not redundant as far as band shots go. I'm starting to get annoyed of the fact that everyone is a photographer nowadays. Enjoy it. I don't

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