Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...:::Baking in the oven:::...

....::::::32 and counting. My "Blog" is taking a turn. I don't keep diaries so this is gonna be that. For me, not specificall for everyone to see but obviously for people to see. As far as words in a diary, this won't be. I guess a photo diary with a rant pulled out of my pocket and maybe a belly button here and there... occasionally crumpled piece of paper barely legable but glued to the computer screen hoping that it will melt through the screen to end up on my blog page. I guess I hate having a blog because I feel the need to be that "blogger." I could care less that people read it, but get excited when someone likes one of my photos . If I capture a good moment, I'll throw it up here. If I actually have a great thought that I actually remember, since I never write anything down, I'll scribble that on my keyboard as well. It seems as though I have escaped the world for the past year and it feels like its time to come out of my cave. I guess I hoped to get all this amazing photo work done and write a thousand songs wile in hiding but it didn't work like that. But now hopefully I can do what I promise. Here is a pic I just pulled out of a drawer. I wonder how many photos I have in my drawers like this. So many beautiful ones.
Peace and Love, Peace and Love,

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