Monday, November 29, 2010

..::Daren The Wilson::..

One of the bestestsist of friends of mine and many, including me. Has the best overgrown beard this side of the Mississippi, doesn't skip a beat but does skip other things, draws with the hands of a sniper, but a sniper that can miss on purpose, dresses like a french man but smells much better than a French woman. Lets friends sleep on his floor for multiple nights in a row and shows no sign of being annoyed but i can still see that it would be. Likes to offer tea to you every chance he gets even after you tell him you are not such a tea dinker. Has a beautiful record collection but for some odd indescribable reason wants to sell his original pressings of Animal Collective insisting that he doesn't need them anymore. So I bought them with a sincere promise that I will sell them back the day he realizes that he made a huge mistake. Daren, you did. I love you and sorry I haven' kept in the greatest of touch. You do need to come down to San Diego though. I think that you have made one voyage down here since I have lived here. OK,... two times, maybe three. Enough of this.

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  1. WILSON! Great shots Tyson. The fifth one is my favorite.